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Monday, November 1, 2010

Harvest Fest 2010

This year's Harvest Festival was, as always, a huge hit with the kids. They came, they bounced, they ate candy, the played games. Here's Malcolm with little Cairo chilling on the stage together.

Cousin Olivia, a few short days from becoming Big Sister Olivia.

May-may!! The cutest cat on the block.

Ilya and Sashka patiently waiting to play Bob for Donuts.

Tying on the donuts and ready to get covered in powdered sugar. Good times.

Kind Edmund and Luke Skywalker, I presume.

Malcolm the dandelion/green giant/elf/troll/Billy Idol.

Spinning the color wheel. I think they just liked the sound it made because they got candy no matter what color it landed on.

Art's mom is visiting from Russia--I think she was a bit bewildered by the Harvest Festival. Ha ha.

The Dandelion with his Papa. Also a little bewildered by Harvest Festival.

Wow, I'm feeling eloquent today. I guess the pictures, crappy as they are, will have to be worth all the words I'm uninspired to use.

Snort! Tidbit! Fizzing Whizbee!!


I don't know.

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goldmorning said...

hahahaha mal's hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr