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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It seems like life has been both extra busy and extra...uninteresting...since we got back from California. But I suppose that's just post-vacation blues talking.

The last few days have been really awesome weather-wise, it's starting to feel like fall for reals. Well, fall for Florida anyway. You know you've acclimated to the climate when a dry 85 degrees feels like cool fall weather. Anyway, yesterday my sister-in-law and her family took my two older boys to the park to enjoy all this nice fresh air. Here's a picture Rachel took of Xander and Olivia making faces. Don't they look like siblings?? Crazy. And I love how it looks like they tried to wear fall outfits together. Ha ha.

After they got home, we made some fall sugar cookies, and I let the boys decorate them. I say "let" because, well...I'm sort of uptight about this sort of thing. It's not that I'm afraid of messes, it's more like I'm afraid that things won't be pretty. Ha. I'm trying to let go.

It's too bad I didn't get a picture of Xander's "barf cookie" as we were calling it. Pink (it was supposed to be red) frosting with globs of sprinkles in a big pile in the middle of the cookie. Yuck. It really did look like somebody puked on it, but it was pretty funny. I think I need to stop being so anal about these sorts of things, cause it was worth the laugh. Somebody ate it before I could take a picture, but nobody wants to own up to being the one who ate barf.

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mrs.deane said...

I know what you mean about letting go. I am the same stinkin' way. And, sadly, I've been working on it for years... I do think it's awesome, though, how proud they are of their cookies and creations - no matter how much they might look like barf (or otherwise) to the average person! I always have to remind myself that I'm sure that there are cookie and cupcake decorators out in the wide world who would turn their noses up to my "pretty" creations as well. Why not let them enjoy. I want to make cookies so badly, but I am afraid of gaining weight right now since I'm currently overdue!!!