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Sunday, December 20, 2009

malcolm at four months

mal at four months

my little giant went in last monday for his four-month checkup (has it already been FOUR MONTHS? sometimes it does go by ridiculously fast) and as usual i left feeling awesome. first of all, my pediatrician is amazing--she's also my niece's and my friend's little boy's doctor--and my kids are always all smiles when she comes into the room. she has such a reassuring way about her. secondly, my little mal-mal is in perfect health. and HUGE. this little sucker weighs 17.5 pounds and is almost thirty inches long! not to mention that big ole head of his...and apparently he acts like a much older baby with all his rolling and grabbing. the last few days he's discovered his feet and they are just fascinating, let me tell you. yesterday for the first time he got up on his hands and knees. only for a second before he scooted forward in pursuit of something to gnaw on, but i was excited. he's been inching along by scooting with his toes for a few months, but this was the closest i've seen him come to actual crawling.

seeing him interact with all of us makes me want more kids. i'm just so curious to see who else could be part of our little family.

in other news, christmas is right around the corner and we've been enjoying decorating, baking, and partying like nobody's business. i'd post pictures, but i've been so busy i hardly took any. bad me.

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goldmorning said...

can't wait till this one hits about 3 or 4, gonna swoon him with loli-pops, bags of loli pops.