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Sunday, December 13, 2009

ottoman C

alexander neutron grigoryev, aka sashka, is our resident weirdo. he says so many weird things sometimes it's hard to keep track, but i've been really bad about writing some of this stuff down and i know i'll regret it later.

today we all woke up sick--it seems we all have separate aspects of a cold: i have the sore throat and headache, ilya has the congestion, and sashka has the nasty cough. anyway, i passed out some vitamin C and my kids downed their first pills. a milestone, i tell you.

after sashka swallowed his, he smacked his lips and yelled, "oh i LIKE these yummy OTTOMANS!!"

the thing i find the funniest about this is that he knows the word ottoman and not vitamin. strange priorities.

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