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Thursday, January 7, 2010

swing and leap

on monday my sister-in-law and two of her sisters came over to take some pictures for me to use in some new paintings i'm starting. all the jumping around inspired me and the boys to go jump ourselves.

jump for joy

sashka is contemplating jumping. will he? won't he? it's so suspenseful.

i just might...

after ten straight minutes of listening to, "can i take a picture? can i? is it my turn yet? please can i take a picture?" i finally surrendered the camera over to ilya. this is the shot he got. um, is it wrong to be annoyed that your first grader takes better pictures than you?


this is what happens when i try to be creative taking pictures of the kids. it goes something like this:
"boys, lay on the grass so i can take a picture of you."
"but it's cold and the grass is wet!"
"it's not wet. it just seems like it because it's cold. now lay down."
giant sighs. "oKAY."
they proceed to lay on top of each other. sashka starts whining that ilya is laying on him. ilya begins to chuckle evilly, completely enjoying his brother's pathetic pleas for help. sashka starts kicking and struggling. meanwhile, i'm trying to pull them apart while still maintaining the visual aesthetic i was going for. the camera goes off in my hand.

sibling rivalry

in other news, it's freezing cold (for florida--36 degrees yesterday!)and my poor little baby has bronchitis, a double ear infection, all of which is causing his blocked tear duct to booger up like crazy. oh yeah, and he's teething. yikes!


Elizabeth said...

i loove the one of the boys in the grass! sums them up, haha. cute pictures!

blessedby5 said...

Wow Ilya is good it looks as though God is shining his rays on you:-)
Yours are good too:-)

mrs.deane said...

these pictures are really precious. and i love the one of you on the swing!