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Friday, March 20, 2009

do overs

lately i've been on a salvaging kick. i can't stop taking ugly crappy things and transforming them into slightly less crappy things that i like more.

i found two frames with generic abstract art at a flea market. i liked the frames and the fact that they had glass, but the blah art inside bothered me. plus i just prefer artwork done by myself or others i know on my walls as opposed to tj maxx stuff. so i painted part of the mat orange and stuck some old gesture drawings i did ages ago in art class in the frames. it's not like it's classy highbrow art or anything, but it's nice to finally have a reason for saving some of my old doodles.

i got this cute little bedside table to replace this glass-topped rattan monstrosity that was formerly uglying up the side of my couch (seven dollars!! i love the flea market). i didn't really do anything to it because it was already in good shape. i tried giving away the monstrosity, but when i got stalled in my philanthropic efforts, i decided that it might be worth painting.

a little yellow spray paint, et voila! a cute little place to put my potted plants where the landscaping guys won't mow them over. i'm glad i didn't get rid of it now.

and then there's this dumpster dive candelabra. i don't even know if i'm going to do anything to it or leave it as is. i swear i have no shame. if it's cute or salvageable and it's sitting on a curb or by the dumpster, i have no aversion to giving it a new home and a makeover.

hideous gold lamp with boring beige shade, meet silly fabric and mr. spray paint! i swear, spray painting things is addicting. i can't stop looking at things and wondering what they'd look like in a different color...


sam said...

и не обычно!

mrs.deane said...

This post should also go under "nesting" - ha ha. I love the yellow paint transformation. Yellow is my favorite for almost everything right now. I am presently trying to give new life to all of my old clothes, since I am constantly thinking that I have no clothes. Silly. But it's funny how some new buttons or a little lace addition can make something seem so new and so suddenly desirable. Just like paint I guess :O) Have fun!

foldreformer said...

pretty cool, I wish I knew where a flea market in my area is.

I have a chandelier that was brass but now spray painted black, it looks amazing, like it came straight out of potterbarn catalogue, but I've got to figure out how to rewire it and hang it in my living room. maybe i'm a little inspired by you to actually do something about his soon. :O)