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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

i like my skin well done

our local water park, adventure island, recently came out with a pass good for weekdays only that's super cheap, so i decided to get some for me and the kids. i haven't been to adventure island in ages and i was pretty excited to go again, although after the disney fiasco with sashka i was a little worried how much fun we'd have with him. i shouldn't have worried--with the exception of one scary moment when a tube we were sharing flipped mid-ride, he was great. no crying, no whining about water in his face, it was great. and ilya! i was so proud of him, he's absolutely fearless. not only did he go on any slide he was tall enough for, he was jumping off cliffs into the deep end of a huge pool without even a moment's hesitation.

the nice part for me is that i get to spell climbing eighteen flights of stairs with long, leisurely floats down the lazy river or sitting under an umbrella watching the kids play in the playground. and floating and laying are two things i enjoy more and more the bigger my little internal boy gets. :)

no pictures of all our fun (who wants to carry a camera at a water park?) but i can certainly say that despite my unusually conscientious application of sunscreen all of us are on the toasted side. but it's nice after all our "stuck indoors while mom is puking" pallor. woohoo!

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