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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

kids are weird

sashka holds up a wooden block and declares in an ominous voice:

and yes, he wears this costume at some point every single day.

ilya, asking me what seems like his hundredth death-related question, wants to know why we get old and die. i talk to him about lofty concepts like original sin, etc. he is thoughtful for a moment and says, "but then when this body dies we go to heaven and get a new body, right?" "yes," i answer, glad he's cottoning on. he thinks again for a moment and declares, "i bet when sashka gets his new body it will have better breath."

this is a drawing ilya did for sashka. it's a picture of the baby when it comes out, and when sashka sees his new brother he turns into a snowman.

makes perfect sense to me.

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