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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

something from nothing

since we moved into this apartment we've been given loads of free stuff. some of it was great, some of it usable, and some of it...well some of it seemed like junk. old sheets with rust stains and scraps of random fabric, ugly gold lamps, etc. they say that necessity is the mother of invention, and i'm here to attest to the veracity of that overused quote. here are some things i've made lately almost entirely out of materials i was given. nothing beats having a sewing machine and a can of spray paint.


Heather said...

Ooh, very nice! I love the curtains and the pillow! Is that wallpaper inside your cabinet or is it glued fabric? Either way, it's really cool!

sam said...

а что ретро сново в моде!

Kellee said...

I can't tell what I'm looking at either, but it looks great!