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Monday, August 11, 2008

random dead bodies

i was going back over some of my old posts, and the comments left on them, and i realized that i had never answered the burning question some people had asked: what about those random dead bodies?


dead body #1
it was the year 1993 and we had been living in moscow for a half year or so. there was an old church we'd found about halfway between our flat and the metro station that was under reconstruction and we'd go there to play frequently. it was a sort of enchanting place really--old bricks grown over with spongy green moss, crumbling facades and ancient bubbled glass windows...a perfect place for imaginative children. also, it was totally off limits to trespassers so it was a perfect place for little troublemakers. anyway, one day zac, dane, and our friend alex and i had climbed up the scaffolding around one of the onion domes and managed to force our way inside the tower. i was the first to walk in, and there, on the ground, was random dead guy #1. at first i thought he was drunk, so i nudged him with my foot. but the way he rolled like a statue all stiff-limbed and lifeless was a DEAD giveaway.

dead body #2
1993. floating in the moscow river as we flew by in a boat. yuck. not much of a story on that one.

dead body #3
2008. the guy laying in a casket next to the steps leading up to ilya gromov's apartment building. there is something really disturbing about having a whole mourning party milling about outside your residence kissing the waxy forehead of a corpse.

there were lots of other odd and creepy things we saw whilst abroad but as far as dead bodies i think that's it. enjoy!


sam said...

Oh, these Russians!

contrarian 78 said...

What about the dead body you saw by the train tracks near the water? You and your brothers sure made the headlines of the local news while whistling oldies songs from the 50's!