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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

my brain is androgynous

playing around on BBC health this morning i decided to take the brain sex test. well actually i took a whole slew of tests (i was bored) and discovered, among other things, that i can properly place organs in human body, that i'm an extrovert, a perfectionist, and that my brain is androgynous. i am neither a male nor a female thinker. i'm supposedly left brain dominant (what does that say about the artists are right-brained theory?)and i'm better than girls (and the average of guys) at spatial reasoning and junk like that. which just goes to show that my theory of being a middle-brained person was right all along.

try it (it takes a while) and tell me if you're a boy or a girl. it's fun. really.
brain sex test

in honor of my new-found discovery, i had a stupid blogthing generate me an androgynous name.

Your Androgynous Name Is:

Ford Burt

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

Hello Ford Burt, I'm Cleve King! My brain score was exactly zero. I'm more verbose than the average male apparently.