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Thursday, August 14, 2008

something from barely anything

a week after moving in a family from church gave us a small table with four chairs--perfect for our family of four--and we were thrilled to NOT be eating on the floor. the only thing i wasn't crazy about was the fabric on the chairs. as a parent i can attest to the fact that ivory is not a great color where kids are involved. i tried to keep the chairs clean but within a week they were starting to look grubby and gross.

while shopping at walmart (always a fun experience) i saw this indoor/outdoor fabric on the clearance rack--i loved the colors and pattern and how easily washable it would be, but what i loved more was the price: enough fabric for four chairs cost me 3 dollars!!

today i busted out the tools and scissors and went to town. et voila! new low-maintenance chairs!!

i even had enough left to put a little starch decal on the wall.

i got the idea from here: starch decals


sam said...

а что гламурненько...мне нравитца

Heather said...

Wow, that's a great idea! The fabric looks so vintage 60's!

Steve Nelson said...

Love it! This is the first time you reminded me Shelly instead of myself. I listen to the Cure and Depeche Mode... she recovers furniture and puts starched fabric on the walls.