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Thursday, August 23, 2007

alas, the end has come

i just finished reading the last harry potter book, "the deathly hallows." unlike some people i know (ILYA) there won't be any accidental spoilers in this blog, just some general opinions.

art read it first, and claimed that it wasn't as interesting as the other books. i don't know that i agree. it had a lot more action, and while it may or may not have been written with a future movie in mind, i thought the action was appropriate for the last installment of the series. plus i liked a reprieve from the almost formulaic harry-goes-to-hogwarts-and-nearly-defeats-voldemort pattern. the story was satisfying--all the questions are answered and mysteries revealed.

of course, it was sad, both because of things that happen and because it's the last book. i hate coming the end of a series, especially when it's one i've enjoyed so much. it was pretty distracting at the end, trying to read through a haze of tears while my oldest son patted my arm sympathetically and told me not to cry. he even tried to wriggle his way between me and the book to stop my masochistic reading, to no avail.

i feel the same way i did when the last LOTR movie came out--satisfied, yet oddly bereft, like the world of fantasy has suddenly gone dead and cold. somebody else needs to write something good, and soon!


foldreformer said...

Read some dystopian novels and call me in the morning...

Jonathan said...

Or Tess of the D'Ubervilles, that will make you feel better... no, no don't do that, I'm only kidding.

Steve0 said...

Yay! Yeah, I put spoilers in my blog the weekend the book came out... but I did put a *WARNING* pre-spoilage. Anyways... I was right about a few things - 1) Snape was actually a good guy... and 2) Harry (like Jesus) would have to sacrifice himself to save the world... and then still live, of course.

Ooops, I just included spoilers.