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Saturday, July 7, 2007

blades of glory (part two)

today was lesson three of learning to slide across a dangerous frozen surface on a thin steel blade doing unnatural things with my legs and arms. i have to say it was pretty fun. even the part where i fall a lot. it doesn't usually hurt when i fall; mostly it's just sliding out over the ice because my muscles don't want to lift me back up from lunges or squats or whatever painful thing my teacher asks me to do.

admittedly, i am the silliest looking person on the whole rink. i'm one of two adults but i'm way taller than her so i still tower over everyone. and when a teacher shows me what to do i end up falling more than the kids cause i just throw myself headlong into doing it until i get it, even if that means sprawling across the ice in a fabulous wipe out. i'm of the perhaps misguided opinion that fabulous wipeouts are better than timidly tiptoeing. and maybe i look stupid using this method, but so far every week i've moved up a level. there are only five levels so i have no idea where i'd go if i keep up the current rate. not that i think i will. today i met my new nemesis: the three turn. i just got to the point where i can change directions going pretty fast, but i don't know about doing that on one foot. ergh! curse you stupid fear!

on a completely unrelated note, here's a picture of ilya's norwegian sweater so far:

not so impressive perhaps but it's my first sweater. my first attempt at stranded knitting as well. so if you don't like it, tough.


kittykattykellee said...

Up a level every lesson! That's amazing! I guess we'll be looking for you at the next Olympic Winter Games :O)
(speaking of which, remember seeing the Goodwill games in St. That was fun)

Jonathan said...

Throwing yourself into learning is actually the most productive way to do it. You MUST learn to fall before you truly learn to skate.