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Friday, July 6, 2007

at long last, the dress is DONE

ladies and gentlemen, my arwen dress is finally done. i started it last year, then had neither the time nor dinero for the rest of the materials i needed. now, at last, i took a deep breath, forked over the money for the velvet, and finished this sucker.

it's actually two dresses. the underdress is made of paisley silk-ish kind of material, with silk velvet sleeves lined with silk charmeuse (lots of silk, i know). then there's the shiny trim stuff around the arms and neck. the overdress is navy blue silk velvet (looks black in the picture but oh well) sewn like a tank top, with the paisley material trimming the neckline and actually making the straps. the real dress has way bigger sleeves but i had neither the money nor the inclination to buy 8 yards of fabric just for stupid sleeves. it also is much longer; i think the original is about a foot too long so that it pools around the feet. seems pretty inconvenient so i just made mine floor length.

i'm pretty proud of this dress. i drafted the pattern entirely from scratch based on a few pictures. and no, i'm not into LARP or any such nonsense, and i don't intend to prance around pretending to be an elven princess from a movie. i just thought the dress was pretty and wondered if i could recreate it. the answer is yes, i can. and i did. ha!

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blogging tsartist said...

The dress is as beautiful as the one that it adorns. Your creative brilliance and fearlessness, with your character and personality, would make any fathers heart blessed. Though you are beautiful physically (which you had nothing to do with) it is trully God's light in you that illuminates the many endowments you have been blessed with.