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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

a brainfreeze of sorts

stupid title. you'll see why.
okay, so this is a mini-rant about coolness and why it bores me.

i got some fabric that i wanted to make something with, but wasn't really sure what i wanted to make. sometimes for inspiration i look online at clothes i like, and this time i decided to take a little trip to the land of uber-coolness--urban outfitters. ah, yes, people. the store where a crappily constructed t-shirt costs you 40 bucks--but hey! don't you just feel more trendy and hip knowing you shopped there?

now, when it comes to fashion, i'm sort of out there on some weird fringe. sometimes i like the trendy things that come and go. sometimes i get annoyed with trends and stick with t-shirts and jeans. sometimes i combine retarded things like stripey socks with jedi boots and cutoff jean shorts. i'm sort of consistently inconsistent. and every now and then i start to feel like a big dork, and maybe i should look into this fashion thing. and then i do. and then i'm filled with regret and a bit of annoyance as well.

seriously, does anyone think of anything new anymore? or are we doomed to regurgitate the last century of clothing trends over and over ad nauseum? i look online and all the shirts and dresses are total 70's and 80's stuff rehashed. boring! the ubiquitous babydoll shirts that make you look pregnant unless you weigh 90 pounds are getting old. i even saw a calico dress that looked like it was taken directly from a dress that skinny chick in "the shining" wore. where is original thought?

and then i followed a blog link so that urban outfitters could tell me what was cool in the world (besides their clothes). first, there was music. all of which sounded the same. what is up with the cutesy lo-fi folk stuff that girls are all swooning over? and then i saw the new bjork video. (deep breath) okay, i've liked bjork since i was fifteen. when i first saw the video for human behavior in russia in '93 i was entranced. bjork seemed to be all things i liked: weird voice, weird hair and clothes, weirdy weirdness. good stuff. but has anyone else noticed that every song on every album has the same vocals? over and over, the same little riffs with growling and stuff. it gets old, doesn't it? this is hard for me to say, because i've been defending bjork against art's abhorrence for years now. but i can't do it anymore.

the bottom line: "cool" gives me a headache (hence the brainfreeze title. ha! i'm proving my uncoolness right now). it's such a waste of time to sit around wondering if the things you like are the things the cool people like, especially when the cool kids only like what cool kids liked 20 years ago. if i wear silly clothes and my house looks like a paint tube exploded instead of like a catalogue, then who cares? do i have to like sufjan stephens just because everyone else does?


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my thoughts (nearly) exactly! if only i had those onion writers acerbic wit.