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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

el experimento

so, a month of experimentation is coming to a close. the experiment was, in essence, to see what would happen if i pushed myself physically for a month. i fasted for ten days (that was fun), after which i slowly started eating again. with a few exceptions due to injury or lightning storms i have run every single day of the month of june. i just figured it out, and i will have run about 80 miles at the end of this month. for someone who despises running (especially running outdoors in florida) i wouldn't call that half-bad.

the results of the experiment? by some people's standards it might not seem like much, but since i have the worlds most ridiculously slow metabolism i feel pretty good about it. eleven pounds have gone bye-bye. an average of two or three inches off all body parts. and in 26 days i doubled the distance i can run. ha!

now, the original deal was that after a month i would resume "normal" life. you know, eating like a normal human being instead of like nicole richie. perhaps taking the occasional sabbath from pounding the pavement with my overly sore tootsies. but now that the end of what i originally dubbed "the month of torture" is approaching, i find myself surprisingly un-relieved. in fact, i have no intention of stopping running. i still hate it. but i find a great sense of accomplishment in knowing i can actually do it. plus there's that great runner's high--always a hoot. who knows? i might one day become the athletic type.

wouldn't that be ironic.

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Ilya & Ira said...

That's great! I love that moment when you've actually done something and now begin to somewhat enjoy it. It's bringing yourself to do it that proves to be an impassable difficulty sometimes.

I guess running up and down hills will be the next challenge for you? ;)