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Thursday, June 28, 2007

toe pick!

i don't know how many people have seen "the cutting edge," but it's one of my favorite bits of 90's cheese. the premise is ridiculous while trying to be plausible, the characters are stereotypical, and the super-secret and dangerous move that is alluded to throughout the entire film doesn't even get any screen-time. anyway, i love it.

so there's the scene where hockey guy is trying to learn how to skate on figure skates, and he keeps falling when his toe pick gets caught on the ice. every time he falls the evil snobby figure skater girl laughs and sings out, "toe pick!"

it's funny. mostly because he falls a lot and that's always entertaining to us less refined folks. but i never really got it. i've never fallen over a toe pick. i barely noticed the thing except sometimes it's useful to get going on the ice.

until i got nice new shiny figure skates.

so comfy...and so frighteningly sharp. and that nefarious toe pick seems alarmingly close to the ice. i nearly ate it a few times just going in a circle. those apparently innocuous little metal teeth seem to like the idea of making me lose mine.

still, after skating in crappy rentals these things are heaven. ah, the joy of being well-equipped. hmmm. that doesn't sound quite right. oh well.


Jonathan said...

Hockey skates are ever so much nicer than figure skates. I wouldn't be caught dead in figure skates. To those of us who learned how to skate young, "toe-pick" was a well-aimed and humorous line.

jenn grigoryev! said...

hockey skates are great if you want to play hockey. i, however, am getting girly in my old age. i want to do pretty things. i'll leave the explosive starts and checking to the boys.