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Saturday, April 3, 2010

spring in my step

i know we floridians are starting to sound like broken records with our "what a cold winter we had!" and "i totally love spring!" comments. but i can't help it! it was a cold winter, and i do LOVE SPRING. and for the first time in the 14 years i've lived in florida, i'm actually noticing spring. i mean usually it's just sort of green all year long, with an occasional flower here and there in the spring. but this everywhere, in great drifts of pink and white and purple...the smell of jasmine and gardenia and orange blossoms thick in the air...the bright new green of clover and grass...i could just live in this season forever! today ilya and i took malcolm for a walk (and left the resident whiner sashka to go to home depot with papa) and we took our sweet time, savoring the smells and sunshine and birdsong. 

so lovely...and all of this is just on our little street. have i mentioned how much i love where we live??

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Steve Nelson said...

Beautiful! And I'm with you - this was a ridiculously cold winter! SO glad Spring is here!