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Sunday, April 11, 2010

bok tower gardens

this weekend i took the boys to bok tower gardens with our friends and family. it was a beautiful day: sunny without being humid, blue skies, and the breeze full of the smell of orange blossoms. i didn't take too many pictures of the flowers, being too distracted by pushing a stroller, but all the ones of abby turned out nice.

camerastake me for a swimunrehearsed  

now i kind of seem like a creepy stalker. uhhh...anyway, here are some others of the tower and kids.

meeting of the minds

the babies got together for a conference. i imagine "how we can get more milk" was on the agenda.

bok tower

the tower. some guy was up there playing dissonant bell music that made me think of the hunchback of notre dame. he played the sound of music and made me want to twirl around wearing a nun habit.


it was a great day. and i'll say it again: i'm loving spring this year!!


goldmorning said...

abby is totally beautiful.
nice pictures!

abby said...

Wow looks like I have a superfan...

Hahaha, juuust kidding. What a fun day, we need more OUTDOOR outings like this.

Oh and I forgot to tell you..I finally found two oval frames for those pictures I want you to draw! And we're ordering a print of 'The Day You Burst' for you. Hopefully it'll be here by this weekend.


rachel.lyn said...

hahaha...i am cracking up at the babies picture and your quote. so awesome. i may have to steal that picture.

and abby looks beautiful, as a l w a y s!

Steve Nelson said...

Lovin' the "baby conference"!