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Friday, March 12, 2010

what it means to have sons

i love calvin and hobbes. first of all because it's the only comic strip i actually find funny most of the time, and also because as a mother of three boys i can appreciate the insights into what it means to have sons. here are some things i've learned about boys over the years:

#1--boys are curiously resistant to learning good bathroom habits. i made this gentle reminder for my boys in photoshop yesterday, and hung it right above the toilet. they seemed to think it was hysterical. i'm really cashing in on all those "mom is hilarious" points while they last. 

#2--boys are like walking, talking, injuries in the making. on monday malcolm decided to launch himself out of my arms and right at the marble windowsill, resulting in this awesome shiner. we've been calling him little pharaoh all week cause it looks like make-up or something. this was the day after i had to dig a giant thorn out of ilya's hand and observe the multitude of scrapes and bruises sashka accumulates playing on his scooter in a driveway covered in rocks. you can send my parent of the year award to me at any time. i'll be waiting by the mailbox.

#3--no matter how hard you try to instill peace-loving principles in your boys, you quickly learn that any and everything can be turned into a gun. or a sword. that's the hose attachment for our vacuum up there. brooms, paper towel tubes, legos, kitchen utensils...all of these are weapons of choice in our house.

#4--being wet is good. being dirty is good. being wet and dirty is definitely ideal.

#5--boys hate shopping. i hate shopping with boys. they whine, they wail, they ask, "why do we have to go to the mall??" over and over. 
shopping FOR boys isn't that fun either, because, let's face it, they just don't make a lot of cute clothes for male children. it's mostly a lot of dinosaur related t-shirts and jeans. i'm cool with that, really, not being that into clothes to begin with. but every once in awhile i find something for them that i just LOVE, like this orange and white sweater hoodie thing. it's just so CUTE!

in general i have to say that while it would be interesting to have a girl, i'm definitely okay with having a house full of dirty, violent, pee dripping, constantly injured and style-challenged little boys. because they're fun. and because when nobody else is around i have a perfectly appreciative audience for my secretly spectacular belching.


Anonymous said...

haha, awesome! You would produce all boys.

Anonymous said...

Loved your post on BOYS.. funny and sweet all at the same time...I still think there may be a girl in your future..though..I guess time will tell... :)


Jessikah said...

when I found out I was pregnant this time, the thought of three boys terrified me for alot of your stated reasons and then some. I LOVE having boys and am so thankful God gave me two boys first they are a team and hilarious and I love doing all things boy with them! As excited as I am to be shopping in the girl clothes finaly, the thought of having a daughter scares me! I know how to do boy things and girls are emotional LOL either way thanks for you post I can so relate!!!!!
and ps Im totally getting that poster printed for the boys bathroom!

foldreformer said...

Oh, how I'd love to have a boy, maybe someday :O)

Jenn, I love that sign you made for their bathroom! It's things like that, you really should open up a shop and sell them! I mean it :O)

Steve Nelson said...

Our boy, Christian, turns 13 next week. We're still working on this stuff.

mrs.deane said...

I know I'm late in commenting on this one, but it's right on the money. I am so happy to have our boys, God bless them. They are crazy, they are dirty, and they constantly raise my blood pressure and my chance of heart attack, but I wouldn't exchange them for the world.