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Thursday, March 4, 2010

malcolm at seven months

okay, i'm admittedly really sucky at consistently documenting...well...anything. part of it's that i'm lazy. part of it is that i'd rather be making memories than constantly trying to record them. if that makes sense. so anyway, here's my mal update.

first of all, isn't he CUTE??? i could just eat him. if only that weren't illegal. 

second of all, this kid is crazy. he's EVERYWHERE. i have to drag him out of the entertainment center at least eighty thousand times a day. half the time when i try to get pictures of him this is what i come away with.

i try to keep him contained in one spot but it does no good. especially not when there's yummy grass just beyond the blankets edge...

he loves his brothers, too. he's always got a smile for their crazy attempts to entertain him, even when it involves an empty oatmeal can on his head. "wook, mom! mal's a chef!"

he's got teeth, he pulls himself up, and is already cruising along furniture. he skipped mushy baby food entirely and went straight for the chunky stuff. i feel like i've got a mini toddler here, just when i was at the age when i was ready to enjoy babyhood without being anxious for the next phase. it just figures. :) i love my little mal-mal.


rachel.lyn said...

i beg to differ. making memories & recording memories can be done at the same time.

and malcolm is huge. where did the time go?

Jenn Grigoryev said...

i never said it COULDN'T be done. i said i'd rather do one than the other. i find that the only time i actually take pictures is when we're outside doing nothing. when there's actually something going on i don't want to be bothered trying to take pictures of it.

rachel.lyn said...

ahhh yes...but it should be done!
that way one day when your kids are older they will have lots of pictures to reminisce over and go, "ohhh, remember when...?!" and they can have all of those memories and photos to show THEIR kids...and on and on...:) it's a lovely thing.

at least that's what we do.

Steve Nelson said...

What a shiny kid Mal is! Love catching up with what is happening with you guys!

foldreformer said...

He really is SO cute!