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Friday, October 23, 2009

yuck yuck yuck


gh. anyone who becomes a plumber on purpose is smoking crack.

i generally consider myself fairly handy, especially for a girl, but plumbing is one of those things that makes me cringe. never have i attempted to fix anything toilet or sink related (unless you count replacing a toilet seat or lever) because let's face it--that's what maintenance is for.

alas, now we are homeowners and maintenence is now art. or, if he's too busy doing other things, me. eewwwww....i'm shuddering just thinking of this.

so, a few months ago when we had our home inspection, the inspector let the sink in the master bath run for a second, said, "it's draining a little slow but there's probably just a little hair caught in there." okay. fast forward to a week ago when i told art that the sink was draining REALLY slow, and he said, "it's probably just some hair caught in the p-trap." then he just looked at me.

today, after trying to ignore a sink that takes an hour to drain for quite some time hoping that art would cowboy up, i finally decided to just clean the dumb hairball out myself.

oh. my. GOSH.

absolutely the grossest thing i have done, period. this includes trying to scrape baby poop off the walls and crib and cleaning puke out of my cleavage, because, well, normal bodily functions are gross but not this gross. after taking apart the pipes and using a screwdriver to unclog the sink, what can only be described as ten years worth of hair, toothpaste, and who knows what else plopped out of the hole in a log of pure sewage. AAGGHH!!!! nasty!!

i don't even know what to do with myself now, except to try and convince myself that the result of my little colonoscopy experiment is a nice clean sink. was it worth it? only time will tell.

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Summer O'Donald said...

OMG, I love this! I've been there done that and yes SOOOOOO GROSS! Aweosme blog