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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the men in my life

All the men in a row, like russian nesting dolls opened up and stacked backward. these guys make me feel like girls are totally over-rated.

My little man in training. he loves getting good grades and being overly meticulous with his art, just like his mom. he's such a good helper, already vacuums the house and everything. always aiming to please.

T he poor middle child. such a little weirdo he is, but he makes me laugh. he's always telling bizarre stories with the utmost seriousness. he aims to misbehave.

Little mal-mal, brand new baby. always vacillating between serious and scowly--unless you gnaw on his ribs or make fart noises. just like his dad.

on an un-related note, these daily drop caps are fun. i can see how you could get sick of them at some point, but i'm just not there yet.

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