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Friday, August 14, 2009

a great many firsts

this has been an era of firsts. okay, maybe not an ERA per se, but it seems like many new things have been happening around here. a new house, a new baby, and last night my little ilya lost his first tooth.

since i was forbidden from telling him about the tooth fairy (i admit, getting a boy of six to believe in a fairy does seem a little gay) we just told him that when he sticks his tooth under his pillow it turns into money while he sleeps. so when he went to bed i made him this envelope and stuck it under his pillow.

this morning he came running into my room waving the envelope excitedly, thinking that the envelope itself was money. i had to explain that the money was inside. so cute. then he wanted to pose with his "cool envelope", and the only way i could get the gap in his teeth to show was to snap a picture of this awful grimace. i swear, he's much cuter than this normally.

in other news, malcolm had his first checkup at the doctor, and everyone was all exclaiming over how cute he was, how alert, and how BIG. then the doc came in, looked him over head to toe, and declared him absolutely perfect in every regard. yay! that's certainly something every parent loves to hear.

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