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Thursday, August 13, 2009

the first week

i love this picture--he looks like he's got ridiculously short legs--and that questioning tilt to his head cracks me up. maybe he does have short legs--it's so hard to tell when they're so small and their little chicken legs are permanently bent. they do run in my family though (short legs i mean), so i wouldn't be surprised.

so...the first week is over, and it has been interesting. living in a perpetual fog of sleep-deprived half-insanity is always fun. two days ago i cooked a roast all day in the crockpot, only to have art discover that i'd forgotten to take it out of the plastic baggie it was in. last night i cooked an entire dinner without remembering that i'd done it. i found myself piling food on plates and staring at them wondering how on earth i'd made dinner without being aware of it.

still, moments of idiocy and postpartum tears all fade away when his little face quirks up in one his smiles. i don't care if it's just facial twitching, it's awesome anyway. here's to you malcolm--one week old today!

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