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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

farewell to dignity

thought for the day: nothing about pregnancy is dignified.

you puke.
you cry for no reason.
you get massive and weird looking. i don't care what those people say who think a pregnant woman is beautiful--my face may look radiant but the rest of me just looks awkward.
you leak various fluids out of various places.
a sneeze can leave you soaked.
do i even need to mention getting examined at the doctor?
you learn wonderful new terms like "mucus plug" and "membrane stripping".
and then at the end you get to go into labor and have 15 different people all up in your business while in incredible amounts of pain.

of course, it's all worth it, and somehow by God's grace the indignity of it all fades away instantly when they put the gooey newborn on your chest. it's a good thing too, or i think people would have become extinct as a species long LONG ago.

doodeedoo...just waiting for this baby to get here...any day now...
maybe now...
or now?
how about....


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contrarian 78 said...

I was thinking there was a lull in blogging due to a joyful arrival...turns out I was wrong....