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Thursday, May 21, 2009


it's 10:30 am and i already want to go back to bed. crazy fatigue, man--it was my prior experience to feel tired only in the first few weeks of pregnancy but i guess nothing about this pregnancy is going to be like my other ones. of course, it could be the crazy amount of things we've got going on around here lately.

tomorrow we have the home inspection on the house we're trying to buy. is it silly that i look forward to seeing it again like i'm getting to visit an old friend? we saw it only once, several weeks ago, and i've found myself jonesing to get another peek ever since. i've even considered being a total stalker and driving by slowly to gawk, but thought better of it.

i know that ultimately material things don't matter, but i can't help being excited about the prospect of finally living in my own house after a decade of apartment living. ah, to paint the walls whatever color i want! ah, to sleep the sound sleep of a person that doesn't have obnoxious college kids upstairs throwing drunken raves till 5 am! ah, to let my kids play outside without fear of the neighbors' dog poop become embedded in clothes and shoes!

not to mention the simple pleasures of having a real mailbox and a pool i don't have to share with questionably clean people. unless of course i decide to invite a bunch of dirty hippies over to party.

hmmm....i'm hungry. did i mention it's only 10:30? my body seems to think it's lunch time already...

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