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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

show me the sunny side, please

just when i thought i couldn't feel worse, i get a cold. GOOD TIMES.

but i'm determined to see a bright side, so i'm holding on to yesterday's phone call from the OB office telling me that the result of the baby's nuchal test (test for down's syndrome and other genetic disorders) was totally normal. what a relief. there's my silver lining.

now i just need to hang on to that thought while the pressure caused in my sinuses from throwing up threatens to implode my cranium.

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foldreformer said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jenn! That is if your brain hasn't imploded :O) Sorry you are so sick!

Glad you got the normal news. When I was pregnant they called me and said, "your baby tested postive for down syndrome". Initially quite devastated, we consulted the What to Expect book for some answers and found out that a postive doesn't mean our baby actually has it, just that they are at risk for it. If I was a different person I'd sue that nurse for delivering information in such a terrible way.

Anyway, have you ever tried a neti pot? it may help :O)