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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

literary amnesia has its merits

i've long had a reputation in my family for reading insanely fast. i don't do it intentionally--it's not like i'm in a hurry to finish or anything, i just read quickly. what can i say?

the downside to this is that my ability to retain the read information is not great. a few months after reading a book i only remember the general story. a few years later i'm like, "huh? i read that book?"

but i do have to say this amnesia has its merits. for example, at present i do not have a vehicle, thus i have no way to get to a bookstore or library to buy or borrow new reading materials. since i'm bored, homebound, and incredibly pukey, i have little else to do besides read, and my own personal library is all i have to fall back on. thanks to my inability to retain information, i've re-read about 15 of my old books and most of them are like whole new adventures. it's great. right now i'm reading the phantom of the opera and enjoying it immensely.

sorry--i'm sure this dull little insights into my daily life are not that entertaining. unfortunately my life is not that entertaining right now. maybe someday soon it will perk up and i'll actually have something interesting to report. one can only hope.

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