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Monday, November 10, 2008

the ugliest shoes ever

so today i got some hideous shoes in the mail and i'm so excited!

last spring i was reading all this stuff about masai barefoot technology shoes (MBT) and how great they are for posture and back problems. seeing as how i have wretched posture and my neck and back hurt every single day, i thought it might be something to look into. so i did. and i wanted them. badly. but alas, they are insanely expensive, and although some girls in far-off penthouses think nothing of dropping several hundred dollars on this seasons must-have shoes, i cringed at the thought of spending so much money on something so, well, ugly.

but my practicality won out. i mean, how much money would i spend on a chiropractor for months of treatment? i looked at these as a health investment--one that will hopefully pay off--and so i bided my time until we could afford it.

then luck was with me and i found some discontinued models online for half the price of the regular shoes, and now i am the proud owner of some atrocious-looking footwear! already my butt is killing me, and every time i bend over to pick something up (which, with two little ones is about every five seconds) i nearly fall over i'm so out of balance. but i'm determined to wear these suckers as often as possible, even if everyone snickers at me for looking like a cartoon character with too-big feet.

actually, this picture doesn't do them justice. they really are way uglier than that. and so sporty! i'm so not a sporty shoe person. well, we'll see how excited i am after a few months of wobbling and rocking and falling over.


sam said...

очень китайкие или азиатские!
Они любят такое все!

foldreformer said...

I once had the ugliest shoes ever, too. When I was pregnant, because of my pre eclapsia, my feet and ankles were very swollen in my 6th month. We were getting ready for a trip to SF where we'd be walking all day long up and down hills. I was very nervous about my feet killing me, mostly because I was just swollen out of my regular shoes so I purchased a pair of knock off crocs at Target. When buying them, they didn't have my size in the ladie's shoes, so I bought a men's shoe, and because of the swollenness, I bought two sizes bigger than my pre-pregnancy shoes. Though I felt as if I were walking on air, most of the time, there is one other draw back to crocs (besides being incredibly ugly). They have good sized holes all over the shoe! While walking through Golden Gate Park, every little rock and pebble seemed to make it's way into my shoe, every few steps I was shaking out rocks! Not only did rocks enter, but plenty of dust which combined with my moist (your favorite word!) feet and made mud. My feet were so incredibly disgusting at the end of that day. Needless to say, after I had Verity, I chucked those awful shoes in goodwill box. Maybe someone else wants some big ugly, holey shoes.

Steve Nelson said...

Those shoes are GORGEOUS! Not as shiny as your "River boots" though. ;}

Jonathan said...

I love the Terry Goodkind book in the background. Are you standing on a bookshelf? :P

contrarian 78 said...