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Monday, November 10, 2008

the harbinger

for the past year i have been plagued with this strange feeling of foreboding, mingled with excitement. for some odd reason, even though i pay little attention to world events or the decisions of politicians or even matters of religion, i have been having this feeling of growing dread that our country is in for a bad time.

now normally i don't go in much for intuition. sometimes i have bad feelings that turn out to be nothing. but i have found in my conversations with people over the last few months that many others have the same feeling. i can't pin it on any one event, but things like the growing demand that we respect homosexuality and the dwindling ability to say anything biblical without being charged with "hate" seem to indicate a downward trend in the morality of this country. check out this article.

when i read the quote, "I don't think Jesus would approve of a gay-marriage ban. I don't think God discriminates," i couldn't help but be bemused by this attitude. what do they know of Jesus? they obviously don't see the Man who called the religious leaders of the day "vipers" and told people audacious sounding things like "if you lust after someone you've committed adultery".

what God are they talking about? what idea of Jesus have they got?

don't get me wrong; i'm not trying to force a slippery slope argument with homosexuality or the acceptance of homosexuality as the root cause of evil. to me it is merely a symptom of the growing depravity of our nation. the fear of censure that so many believers are exhibiting by shrugging and saying, "well, who am i to judge?" doesn't help. it is true that the world should know we are christians by our love and not our judgment, but that doesn't mean we sit idly by cowering in fear of looking like a bible-thumping condemner. we shouldn't be afraid to say a wrong thing is wrong any more than we should be surprised when people get angry for us saying it.

on the flip side of all this doom, depravity, and destruction is the sense of time running out, but in a good way. i don't know why, but i just have this crazy gut feeling that Jesus is coming soon. and not soon in the sense that every single generation has thought every world event was pointing towards the imminent rapture; i mean soon like soon. like in this lifetime. also a gut feeling shared by even some of my most skeptical friends. i know i risk sounding like a huge sensationalist here, but i don't care. i can be wrong and it won't upset me. maybe He won't come for another thousand years, who knows. i just hope He comes soon, so perhaps my hope is tainting my flawed intuition. either way, i say: come quickly!

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Jonathan said...

Romans 1 backs up your sentiments.

In the same vein, I have heard people say they reject the epistles of Paul because they are harsher than what Jesus said! Jesus certainly loved the sinner, but He also taught that we need to turn from our sins. (See the woman caught in adultery.)

In any case, since the "religious right" were "in power" over the last eight years, I have felt this backlash coming. Of course, that is merely a convenient political excuse, but we are headed downward all the same.