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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

a painful tradition

without fail, every single time my husband goes out of town something weird happens. once he went to mexico and my car just about exploded. another time me and the kids were deathly ill all at the same time. injuries and computer crashes abound while art's presence is lacking. and this time is no different.

so today i was finishing up my kid's costumes--a feat which causes me no end of relief given how insanely busy i've been lately. it feels good to cross something off my never-ending list of chores and projects. so i was humming and happy as i cleaned up my mess, picking up threads and snippets of cloth, folding up patterns and winding up cords. then i picked on my seam-ripper. now some of these things look fairly harmless, but mine happens to be of the evil klingon variety. the pointy part is long and scary and in general, reminds me of a weapon you'd find in the game "oblivion." i picked it up, and then stumbled. i watched, horrified, as it flew up in the air, end over end, and without much thought i held out my hand to catch it. and catch it i did--the pointed end buried itself all the way in my palm. needless to say it hurt, and so what was my natural reaction but to jerk? i watched yet again as it flew up in the air and came down, pointed end first, into the top of my foot. it stood on end for a split second before i kicked it off, and noticed that the extreme pain was from the jagged hole in a large vein in my foot.

all in all, this time was one of the weirdest and most entertaining mini-disasters i've ever experienced in art's absence. let's hope it was the last. well, this time anyway. to hope for more would no doubt be folly.


contrarian 78 said...

I'm tempted to think of stigmata....

Heather said...

I'm tempted to think of telepathy... Haven't you seen the end of the movie Carrie? She telepathically throws all those knives at her mom, impaling her to the doorframe in the same pose as the creepy Jesus statue with the glowing eyes!

Kellee said...

I am tempted to laugh :O) Of course, that is one reason you posted this, for comedic value. If we can't laugh at ourselves, then who can? For some reason I was reminded of our trip to Lake Havasu. Good times, in retrospect at least :O)

I saw this article, I though of you.