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Friday, October 10, 2008


i really should be better about updating this blog, but lately i've been so insanely busy that when i do get a spare minute i usually spend it reading or watching reruns of whatever sci-fi show i'm currently in love with. however, as of right now i'm feeling oddly inclined towards writing, and i'm in need of a short respite from my morning of deep cleaning.

speaking of which i wonder why they call it spring cleaning when i'm usually way more into deep cleaning in the fall and winter months. of course, that's probably because i live in the land of perpetual green. i can see how after a long snowy winter one might feel the need to air out and scrub the house down in preparation for warmer, sunnier weather. but i digress.

the last few months have been a whirlwind of music practice, homeschooling, harvest festival prep, and trying desperately to curtail the amount of half-finished projects i have laying around the house. unfortunately trying to build and paint games for our harvest fest has preempted all other activities, so when i do have an extra moment for creativity i usually spend it doing that. i'd love to work on the quilt i started in july, or finish the giant painting i've been slowly working on, but until the end of october i'm swamped with church-related activities. it's fun, if a little stressful, so i don't mind. but i am looking forward to that day when i wake up and say, "hey, i can do something fun for myself today!"

i drew a design for the national institutes of health's immunology conference in conjunction with my friend JAD, and apparently it was a big success. nerds all over donned my shirt with pride, and i'm just waiting to get mine so i can parade around with doodles of parasites and the like on my chest.

i also got to experiment with making stamps. i started small with some potato stamps, then graduated to carving a large piece of rubber with linoleum cutters. i made this bird print for my sister-in-law:

also, art just got a job offer--a really good job doing something really fun--that requires security clearance. so the last week has been a total scramble of tracking down addresses, phone numbers, references, etc., and that has both art and i pretty exhausted. it's extremely exciting to think that art would be able to have this great job, especially when his current job is so awful, but the paperwork aspect is tiring nonetheless.

homeschooling is going well--ilya is halfway through all his books already. i'll probably have to move on to first-grade stuff by january. which is cool and challenging at the same time. he goes to co-op at the church on fridays (hence my ability to type uninterrupted right now) which he loves but leaves sashka despondent without his brother around to beat him up/entertain him. still, i enjoy the chance to spend some one-on-one time with my youngest.

so that's the news. exciting, ain't it?


Jonathan said...

Make sure that all information you submit is completely accurate and that potential interviewees of the DOD (your friends, relatives, etc.) are ready to answer in-depth questions. The gov't is very thorough. I wouldn't be surprised if I had an agent show up at my door in Arizona to ask about sedition at CCBC or something.

In any case, it's good to hear about Art's new job. I'm curious as to the details, but I know you're busy, so I won't ask.

kellee said...

How exciting for Art! I'd love to hear how that goes :O)
I also love seeing your projects. Glad to hear homeschooling is going well, I am getting geared up for next year. Most likely, Faith will do 1st grade next year, as her preschool will cover all that kindergarten would. Write me when you get another lull :O)