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Friday, July 20, 2007


i have found my new favorite beverage! i don't drink soda, juice is too sweet (unless it's JAMBA juice, then it's just right), and i'm trying to cut back on coffee. that leaves milk and water, the former of which i drink sparingly and the latter of which is boring. what is this new wonder drink, you ask? (maybe you're not asking but if you keep reading i'm going to tell you anyway. so let's pretend you asked so i don't seem too pushy)

it's...(drumroll please) celestial seasonings perfectly pear white tea! made hot it smells like cake (kind of weird but it tastes goooood) and iced it's even better. even my kids like this stuff, and they've always turned up their noses at other iced teas i've made. for the record, it doesn't taste like pear at all. but who cares? it tastes like heaven in cup. only without any clouds or harps floating around inside. cause that would be weird. and i don't imagine that diminutive harps lodging in your esophagus would be a good thing.

that's it. i just needed to share this fantastic discovery with all of you, so that you too can share in the glory and goodness.


Gromovs said...

You'll have to make it for us sometime as I don't like sweet drinks either and the best thing so far that I've found is non-alcoholic Baltica :)

Pastor Steve0 said...

Actually, thanks for sharing. I've almost picked that up instead of my usual green tea... but thus far I haven't dared... me thinks now I shall dare. O yes... dare I shall.

Jonathan said...

Amber and I prefer the Snapple version... it's very good!

Anonymous said...

Sharing favorite drinks would be: Snapple, Bajkal ( Polustrovo) and home-made rum punch somewhere in Bahamas:)

Anna said...

that was my post, i don`t know why it`s said anonymous:(