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Monday, July 30, 2007

yellow blue bus

has anyone else noticed that when han solo goes into the carbon freeze device his hands are tied, but when he comes up frozen his hands are untied and up by his shoulders?

and how come in every sci-fi show out there the ships all have some kind of artificial gravity that never goes offline no matter how badly the ship is damaged? i want to see some floating crew members!

not much new to report. life continues. meals are cooked. sweaters knit. floors are vacuumed. skates are donned.

it's not that it bores me. i like my life. but it doesn't make for a varied and exciting blog. too bad, so sad.


Jonathan said...

Just before Han Solo is put into carbon freeze, he's wearing a tunic-style shirt. After he's frozen, his outline in the block of carbonite depicts him wearing the shirt he wore in A New Hope. Then, when he's unfrozen in Return of the Jedi, he's wearing a double-breasted shirt. Additionally, right before the carbonite is put in, there is a shot that shows him in the pit with his hands loose in front of him.

As for floating ships, I can only offer my conjecture. I believe that if you had a sufficient amount of anti-matter stored aboard your vessel, it would generate enough anti-gravity to float it. It has been suggested that gravitational repulsion is much stronger than gravitational attraction, so you wouldn't need to carry a huge amount. Of course, what this means is that ships would have to have some mechanism for shielding anti-matter so that they could approach a planet. Instead of having the ship fall to the ground when it loses power, perhaps it should shoot away from any mass. I'll have to give that more thought.

My great Empire Strikes Back question: why can't the speeders shoot through the AT-AT's armour before they are tripped, but they can after the walkers have fallen?

Steve said...

The real question is... who would win in a fight between Han Solo and Indiana Jones (blasters & whips excluded)???

jenn grigoryev! said...

definitely indiana jones...he's much tougher. han solo, though my favorite character in star wars, is sort of a wuss without his blaster.