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Monday, July 16, 2007


ohhhh...i feel as though i have been beaten with a very large stick. so many multiple points of ouchiness!

yesterday i fell spectacularly. distracted by the pain of the growing blisters i was developing, i went flying and landed on my knee (which was padded--thanks again art for buying those kneepads) hip (not padded except with chub) and elbow (plain old bone under skin). the fall was quite shocking--i have no idea what caused it, only that i was laying face-first on the ice trying not to yell. i got up and immediately tried to spin again, which i was successful at, but i knew the stupid blisters could cause another awesome fall, so i decided to call it a day.

now, after a stiff nights sleep of half-waking every time i brushed the raw skin on my foot, i feel like i've had the crap kicked out of me. my whole right side is aching, the hip i hit has a heartbeat, and my elbow still has the remnants of the lovely goose-egg i got yesterday. very unpleasant. i just hope i feel better by wednesday, so i can go see if i can hurt myself again at the open skate session!

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