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Thursday, June 21, 2007

christmas in july...almost

art bought us snowboards as an anniversary present. our anniversary is july 3rd, but apparently the pressure of the box just sitting there unopened was too much for my anxious hubby to handle. it was opened (and discovered to be a bit too narrow for art's clodhoppers) and ogled. fond dreams of speeding down snowy hills filled my head, and longing for winter filled my tropics-imprisoned heart.

i've wanted to snowboard for about 15 years now, yet even though there's a shiny new board sharing a corner with my guitar i can't imagine actually using it. maybe it's the pessimist in me that expects disappointment, or maybe i've just been living in a sub-tropical climate for so many years that my imagination lacks where things like snow-capped mountains are concerned. well--die pessimist! strengthen and gird thy loins oh atrophied imagination! come hell or high water i WILL snowboard with my husband this winter. thhpppffftt!!

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