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Monday, July 8, 2013

the busy week

The first week of July is always a busy one. Our anniversary is on the third, and the next day is the fourth of July which also happens to be the middlest son's birthday.

Usually we incorporate some cake and possibly a present into the usual Independence Day celebrations, but last year was the first year that Xander said he kinda wished he could have a party that was just for him. Understandable. I think it would be a huge bummer to have a birthday on a major holiday.

This year on the sixth, we celebrated his eighth (!!!) birthday with family and friends from church. At first it seemed like most people weren't going to make it due to previous plans, feeling under the weather, etc. But in the end, nearly everyone came. We've also been having some real nasty weather lately and I prayed the rain would stay away--partially because a rainy party is a bummer, and partially because the idea of that many kids cooped up in my house made feel a bit anxious. But the weather stayed nice, the bigger kids spent most of the time in the pool while the parents and babies hung out inside.

pool time

kiddie pool

give a little love



Ooooh isn't my little nephew just chubbalicious? I just want to gnaw on those pudgy little arms. 

holding court

xander dander


xander and johnny

All in all a good time was had. The kids had some nice unstructured fun, the babies rolled around on the carpet, and the adults ate chips and talked. When asked if he had a good birthday, Xander grinned the biggest grin and said, "It was AWESOME."  


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