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Thursday, November 17, 2011

October. November.

Here are some of my favorite random pictures from the last little while.

This month we went to check out Cracker Country to learn a little about life in Florida in the 1800's. The boys did laundry, went to school, made candles, rope, and butter. I think I would have really enjoyed it if not for the whiny two year old making life un-fun for me.

Ilya and Xander recently joined Cub Scouts, and today we got their uniforms (aka the most ridiculously expensive outfit EVER and thus the majority of Christmas presents for them this year). I have to say though, I love how they look. It's just so stinking cute and they're so excited about wearing them. 

Obladee. Obladah. Life goes on.


nevermind said...


how are you?
that's kirill, by the way.

do you have an e-mail? this is the thing that helps people to communicate on a big distance....

mrs.deane said...

I wish I could meet your boys. I think that our children would get along well.

mrs.deane said...

P.S. I love these pictures. 'meant to say that first in the last comment, but my thoughts got away with me!