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Monday, July 18, 2011

late July, humidity

The year is flying by for me. The boys are sprouting like weeds, as are the chickens and bunny, and life zips past me at lightning speed. Just watch, in a week I'll be sixty already.

Right now we are doing Vacation Bible School with church, which is always a crazy and exhausting time. Add that to the fact that we've had a crazy exhausting couple of weeks, and you have a recipe for a family badly in need of some chill time. Last night we took a little time to just hang out, me with Mal and Art with the boys.

Malcolm and I spent some time with Thingummy and Bob outside:

He loves feeding them and petting them. Then when I came inside, I discovered that my sewing room had been commandeered by the guys, and turned into a giant train track.

Awhile back, my stepdad Tim had given Art and the boys some supplies for building train tracks, which is a hobby of his he thought they might enjoy. I guess Sunday seemed like a good day to try. They had fun and have been playing with it ever since, which, despite the fact that my sewing room is a useless disaster for me, has kept them VERY quiet. Something which I greatly appreciate after hours of VBS.

Things are nice. Family=Love. Home is home. God is good.

The End.

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B.A.L.|5iveArts said...

I love your closing thought. It makes me sigh and feel very happy.