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Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Vain Visitor

Okay, so, I've seen some weird stuff since moving to Tampa. I mean, I've lived in Florida since I was 18, and in that whole time the only wildlife I ever saw were seabirds, squirrels, raccoons and gators. Then we moved to Tampa and suddenly there are deer, armadillos, and all kinds of birds. Then we move into our new house and there are snakes, turtles, bunnies, and herons all making visits to our yard. 

But today's visitor was by far the weirdest. 

So I'm washing dishes, and I'm looking out my kitchen window, and then suddenly I see it. A humongous peacock chilling in our yard. 

Art's yelling, "Hurry get the camera get the camera!" and I'm trying to find it buried in my huge purse. Then I sneak outside, not quietly enough because it immediately flew up and landed on Art's shop roof. Then it decided to get higher and flew up to the treehouse roof, where it looked down on us condescendingly for a few minutes before flying onto the carport, where it made leaves come pouring down and a gigantic amount of noise.

I think at this point I could wake up to an elephant grazing in our front yard and I wouldn't be fazed at all.

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Steve Nelson said...

Shiny!!!! Guess I need to catch up; didn't realize you guys were in Tampa now. Color me jealous.