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Friday, May 28, 2010

The Sneaky Guys Strike Again!!

They're back, those crazy Sneaky Guys--for the second time in less than ten days! Ilya looks like a jack-o-lantern. He said soon he's going to have to start eating baby food because his teeth will all be gone.
And now, we all know that inside the rusty water tower with the money-tooth painted on the side are rooms made out of candy. And the Sneaky Guys also have washing stations inside their tooth-necklace factory for the teeth. This way the kids whose teeth fall out don't have to wash said teeth themselves and risk the precious things falling down the drain and losing them their money.

The best thing about this particular experience was something Ilya said to me this morning. He was saying how it would be cool if once the Sneaky Guys are done with this necklace if they would leave it under his pillow for him. But, I said, those necklaces are for them. That's why they pay you money for your teeth. He scrunches up his face in thought and then says, "But why would I need money?"

I love that my kids have this attitude. Both of them have money banks that we steadily add to, but they could care less about the money. I think they just like stuffing things inside the little slot, and after that it's like, "Whew! That was fun! Okay, now where are my hot wheels?" I've even tried to impress upon them that they can occasionally bring their money with them when we go out, so they can buy things they want. Not that I want them to be materialistic, it was more to start teaching them the concept of paying, getting back change, etc. Anyway, every time I have tried this I've failed. They're not interested in buying things. They don't even really ask me for things when we're out either. I kind of think this has something to do with the fact that we don't watch TV, so there are no commercials to make them nuts over some new toy. Anyway, it's cool. Okay. Off my soap box now. Here are some pics of the toothless wonder himself:

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Anonymous said...

a little mini art. so cute. I love the sneaky guys.