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Friday, April 30, 2010

Ilya's seventh birthday

my oldest son turned seven this month. it's hard to believe how fast time is flying--it seems like yesterday when he was still toddling around in diapers. and now he's getting so grown up--he even insisted on reading all his cards out loud and he did great. most of the pictures indoors turned out crappy--surprise, surprise--but after the presents we moved outdoors for ilya's annual birthday water balloon fight.

reading his cards aloud

ilya was so excited that grandma and uncle dane got to visit.

malcolm gets into the spirit of things

i'd just like to point out art in this picture. you can tell he really wanted to nail my stepbrother.

it's all fun and games till someone little gets smacked in the chest with a water balloon. art was aiming for my stepbrother, steven, and got little asher instead. poor kid.

art's either really into this throw, or he's getting ready for the ballet. i can't tell.

water balloon fights are definitely a spectator sport.

this has nothing to do with anything i just think it's a great picture. despite (or because of, i haven't made up my mind) the scowl.

all in all it was a nice, low key party, and nobody except poor asher got hurt.


abby said...

I love events at your house. More often, more often!

mrs.deane said...

I wish I could have attended. We love water balloon fights - I mean... competitions/tosses. Ha ha ha.

jennryanclark said...

dude. i haven't seen a picture of dane in a long time. he looks so much like zac. crazy. in my head he will always be 11 or however old he was when i hung out at your house all the time.