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Monday, November 2, 2009

it feels like home to me

T his sunday we had our family and friends over for lunch--a strange southern feast called "low country boil" that consists of corn on the cob, potatoes, smoked sausage, and shrimp, all boiled together in a turkey fryer then dumped unceremoniously on the table. i think shrimp is gross, (eating a poop vein? are you kidding me??) but the rest was D-liscious. i also tried a raw oyster for the first time, just to say i did. it was revolting. exactly how i always imagined it would be--like eating an ice cold snot-wad that tastes like the ocean smells. blech.

we had a lovely time sitting outside and trying to pretend the weather wasn't humid. the kids had a blast and our swing got lots of use by everyone.

the guys set up our ping pong table in the grass and played for hours. i think we were quite the spectacle for our neighbors driving by--every single car that passed slowed down to gawk at 20+ people all hanging out in our front yard.

and i realized yesterday that i had finally had a lifelong desire granted--for as long as i can remember, the one thing i always wanted was to have a home that i love to come home to, a place where my kids would feel rooted and happy, and a place where people could come and enjoy and feel at home themselves. yesterday, three different people made the comment to me that our house felt really homey, and that means a lot to me.


goldmorning said...

well, I hate all of you.

elizabeth ann said...

HAHA at beulah's comment!

and jenn, it really was a lot of fun! your house is perfect and i love it. i think we should rotate the sunday get-togethers between mom's house, yours, and mine!

rachel.lyn said...

awww....jenn :) even in your apartment, your home felt "homey!" you have a knack for doing that.

anyway, it was a lot of fun...and really good. and your swing was the best!

aaaaand...i had no idea you tasted the snot wad. where the heck was i when that went down?! i wish i could have witnessed it! hahaha...sooooo GROSS. i tried it once and never, ever again!

Steve Nelson said...

Jenn! Man, I haven't dropped by in too long! Love the photos - looks like the family is doing well. Ours is growing by the way! Yup, Shelly and I are having another one - due May 29! That will only be a 13 year difference between Christian... hahaa!

sam said...

I like open air party.
Кстати креветки у вас большие!!!

Kellee said...

I am so happy for you, having a home you love it so important :O)