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Monday, August 24, 2009

alexander (and ilya and malcolm) and the terrible, horrible, no good very bad day

it's only 8:38 am and already malcolm has spent an hour screaming and inconsolable. i finally calmed him down, then ilya emerged from his room saying that not only did xander pee his bed, but he had as well. while trying to get them to remove all their nasty sheets and blankets (and stuffed animals and pillows--oh, the pervasiveness of pee) malcolm started throwing up. not spitting up, throwing up. everywhere. i took him into the other room to change him and he threw up again, this time it was coming out his nose and combined with the snot that was already there he stopped being able to breathe. so i had to try and hold him upright and suction his nose and not panic that my baby couldn't breathe. i got all the puke off, changed him, and then xander starts freaking out that his blankets are too heavy and he can't carry them into the laundry room. and now malcolm starts screaming again.

i sense a bad day coming on. what do you think?


rachel.lyn said...

just a bad morning :)
hopefully your entire day won't be bad!

love the title of this post, by the way...haha

jenn clark said...

arden did that throw up thing a few times. out her nose, all over her and her little bed. then she was over it. babies do gross things.

and i totally know all about the pee covered beds and sheets and pillows and stuffed animals.