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Thursday, June 25, 2009

home sweet home

well, after ten long years of apartment dwelling, we finally have a house! so far i can't get enough of how awesome it is. it's so pretty, and it feels huge after a cramped two bedroom apartment. our neighbors are so nice--our second day here we had a lady knocking on the door bearing brownies, cookies, and two pots of violets for me to put in my window box! i thought that sort of thing only happened in movies.

here are some of my favorite things so far:

all the greeny goodness! i love how many flowers and green things there are here. i especially love the big oaks in the front yard...ahhh....

1) i have an art/sewing/homeschool room! yay!
2) a fireplace may be next to useless in florida, but i like it anyway. ignore the bed frame leaning against it...
3) even if they're fake, i've always wanted green shutters. always. and now i've got them!
4) a place to sit outdoors doesn't go amiss--unless it's a thousand degrees outside, like right now! we'll have to wait a bit to enjoy this it seems.
5) i love seeing green from my windows. every window here looks out onto trees or flowers. it's great.
6) a treehouse. yep. that's right. a TREEHOUSE.
7) a place for the kids to play
8) a place for a pregnant girl to play (float)
9) a place for a man to play

i could go on...but i won't.
this is so FUN.


contrarian 78 said...

Blessings abound.

mrs.deane said...

I was just wondering about this...

Congratulations, Jenn (and family)!!!

WOW! So very happy for you. So happy. Yea for plants! Yea for space!