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Monday, March 9, 2009

southern merit

i know i live in a southern state, but i don't think of myself as southern. i don't have anything against being southern--i'm just...not. my brother tries to pretend he is, but, well...

that being said i have to say there are some things i love about southerners and southern things. there are also something i just don't get.

things i like:

1. being called "sugar". it's just cute and i like it and i'm not ashamed of it.

2. good old buttermilk soaked fried chicken. i can only eat it infrequently, but it's GOOD.

3. barbeque--pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw on top of the meat. delicious.

4. the idea that "honey, you just need to come sit down and relax." definitely not a northern concept.

some things i don't really understand:

1. grits--i don't care what you put in them, they taste gross.

2. collard greens--see above statement about grits.

3. sweet tea--although i went through a brief "bring on the sweet tea" moment while i was still puking my guts up, i have decided i prefer regular iced tea. it's just more refreshing without all the syrupy sweetness.

4. cracker barrel in general. they have awesome french toast, but everything else there is some variation of greasy paste. the store is fun to look around, though.

i guess now that i look at it most of my dislikes are food related as opposed to attitude/lifestyle related. which is good i guess. i do like southern hospitality--it's refreshing to have someone just gather you in regardless of who you are and feed you.

just don't try to feed me greens or grits.


sam said...

а я думал на юге чай не пьют!
Ведь и так жарко!

contrarian 78 said...