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Saturday, February 21, 2009

the invisible man

recently i took my boys to the mall to look for (of all things in florida) a warm hat for art to take with him on his snowboarding trip. when we entered the mall, we noticed a display set up outside of the fancy piano store--a self-playing piano cordoned off with ropes. we watched it play for a minute or two, the whole time the boys looking at it like it was the strangest thing they'd ever seen. i couldn't help myself. i said, "do you like how the invisible man is playing the piano?"

they both nodded solemnly. indeed, he was a most impressive pianist.

we walked away and in the course of meandering through the mall i forgot all about it. at the end of our little trip we once more passed the display, and ilya asked me if he could say goodbye to the invisible man. "sure," i said, trying not to laugh. he skipped over to the piano and whispered, "bye, invisible man. you play really good."


Heather said...

Hah! That's awesome! I remember seeing an invisible man play in the lobby of the company I used to work for in Montreal. He played Claire de Lune by Debussy and it was flawless!

Jonathan said...

There's an invisible pirate in Disneyland that plays "A Pirates Life for Me" over and over again...