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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

preggie pops? the jury's still out...

so i've been really sick. really, really, disgustingly ill, and have been having a hard time not being mad about it. i mean, i know it's normal (at least for me) and everything but that doesn't mean it's fun. anyway, yesterday i had my first appointment, and i got to see the little peanut on sonogram, and for some reason the sight of a strong beating heart and little limbs made the misery easier to bear.

still, when i dropped by the mall today to get a belly band (not that i need one yet--i've lost almost 10 pounds from all that hurling) i noticed that there were "preggie pops" for sale at the counter at motherhood. i'd heard about these, and like most people desperate for relief i was interested in trying. they're basically like all natural candies with some herbs thrown in or something. i bought the little container, and as we were walking out of the mall i tried a tangerine one.

yuck. made me feel worse if that's possible.

but i thought maybe it was just that particular flavor. so i resolved to try again later.

five minutes ago i tried sour apple, and that one actually sits better for some reason.

still, i have to say i'm still undecided on the efficacy of these things. when it all comes down to it, it seems like all it helps do is give your barf a nice candy flavor, which really is better than regular flavor. if you know what i mean.


sam said...

не болей!

foldreformer said...

I am sorry you get so sick. I was so lucky to never actually throw up, but I was nauseous a lot, especially when I saw food on t.v., for whatever reason. Restaurant and food commercials were the worst, yuck!!! Anyway, I fought off puking with dried ginger and ginger beer (non-alcoholic). I don't know if it would help you, but it seemed to for me. Anyway, when do we find out what you are having? Congrats to Zack and Rachel, isn't being an aunt great?! I totally know what you meant about you being all emotional about being an aunt, I got to see Layla being born, that was, is one of the most amazing moments of my life.